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in for piers tonight. we want to well ccome our cnn viewers tonight in the u.s. and around the world there is breaking news in the show down with syria. president obama making a case for a military strike possibly. he says there is clear proof the regime was behind the use of deadly chemical weapons. the president also says he has not yet made a final decision on his military options, but he certainly appears to be moving closer and closer to using force. >> in no event are we considering any kind of military action that would involve boots on the ground, that would involve a long-term campaign, but we are looking at the possibility of a limited, narrow act that would help make sure that not only syria but others around the world understand that the international community cares about maintaining this chemical weapons ban. >> we'll have the very latest developments this hour including graphic video of a new chemical attack. and is the president doing the right thing if he goes at it alone? will it mean for america if he does? i'll talk to the former chief of the united nations weapon
that could threaten us that they are held accountable. >> so it is a matter of time, and can the country afford to intervene in syria? plus the jury calls the ft. hood shooter to get the death penalty. why tavis smiley said if martin luther king were alive today he may have words of criticism for president obama. >>> and this about hannah anderson. >> i remember vividly telling my brother she's trouble. she's going to -- i said you need to watch for that one. she's trouble. it wanz encounter and we ask star jones what she thought of that and mom versus miley. the mom who warns let miley cyrus be a lesson for you. we begin with the deepening crisis in syria and what the white house intends to do about it. one of the only western reporters in syria is with us tonight. fred, mounting tension in syria and around the world as everyone braces itself for what is now seen as an inevitable military strike. how would you describe the atmosphere in damascus. >> it is an eerie atmosphere at this hour. one thing we have been hearing from reports, we haven't been able to confirm yet but the syrian mil
and drops that are less steep than goliath. so would you ride goliath? let us know what you think on twitter. piers morgan is next. iraq and the catastrophic aftermath. will president obama strike syria? and what will be the cost to this country? i'll talk to sen tar john mccain. he said strikes now will be too little too late and the tragic toll of chemical weapons. dr. sanjay gupta, and the interview many are talking about. what james dimaggio's sister told me about hanna anderson. >> the hanna anderson that i saw a few nights ago on tv is certainly not the girl that stayed in my home three weeks prior to them disappearing. >> tonight, i'll talk to drew about what he thinks of her shocking claims. >>> i want to begin with the big story tonight. a report from jim acosta. >> briefed congressional leaders and key committee members this evening because the briefing was on a non-secure conference call, the information was unclassified. the lawmakers are saying administration said there is no doubt officials were responsible for last week's chemical weapons attack. one lawmaker told cnn they wer
of the main city, we had a very angry woman throw a brick at us. the crowds there turning against us. we were advised to leave the scene. so it's a very difficult environment to navigate, especially because the front lines here, too with violence are not entirely clear. >> stay safe out there. dangerous situation and i appreciate all the reporting for us. i want to bring in egyptian journalist, mona she knows how quickly it could spiral out of control. she was arrested in 2011 while reporting on the revolution and joins me by phone. mona, thank you for joining me. the last time we talked was mubarak scenes. it seems a long way away. what do you think is going on and how bad can this get? >> it's been a horrible day, piers. i want to condemn the mass killing by the security services and the church torchings that happened across the country, and i'm speaking to you right now in a cairo under curfew, as many other provinces across the country are. i want to stress one thing, and this is important. we have to stop the bloodshed. the revolution was not launched in the name of an islamic or militar
it for us. we'll be back in an hour from now. "piers morgan live" starts now. >>> this is "piers morgan live." welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. tonight, the white house and capitol hill grapple with the stakes in syria. nobody has forgot the war in iraq and the catastrophic aftermath. will president obama strike syria? and what will be the cost to this country? i'll talk to sen tar john mccain. he said strikes now will be too little too late and the tragic toll of chemical weapons. dr. sanjay gupta, and the interview many are talking about. what james dimaggio's sister told me about hanna anderson. >> the hanna anderson that i saw a few nights ago on tv is certainly not the girl that stayed in my home three weeks prior to them disappearing. >> tonight, i'll talk to drew about what he thinks of her shocking claims. >>> i want to begin with the big story tonight. a report from jim acosta. >> briefed congressional leaders and key committee members this evening because the briefing was on a non-secure conference call, the information was unclassified. the lawmake
to this raccoon controversy, you make the call on "the ridiculist." that does it for us. see you again at 10:00 p.m. eastern. thanks for watching. thanks for watching. piers morgan live starts now. -- captions by vitac -- www.vitac.com >>> this is "piers morgan live." welcome to the viewers in the united states and around the world. the bloodiest day in egypt since the arabs bring revolution. is the country teetering on the brink of open civil war and what will it mean for america? >>> gone to pot, america's marijuana obsession. i'll talk to people on both sides of the issue that got this country fired up. you heard dr. sanjay gupta say this about his u-turn on marijuana. >> if you look at the papers written in the united states about marijuana, the vast majority are about harm. we fund studies on harm. we don't fund studies on benefit so it gives a distorted picture. >>> the man that wants to thank him personally for changing his mind on weed. medical marijuana user montel williams and an angry debbie row testifies about drug use and hanna anderson speaks out online days after her rescue. why sh
marijuana user montel williams and an angry debbie row testifies about drug use and hanna anderson speaks out online days after her rescue. why she says she will never forgive herselves for the deaths of her mother and brother and other fascinating information. >>> egypt in uproar. at least 278 killed across the country in one day, the worst bloodshed since the revolution that toppled moe bar rick. what happens when the sun comes up is anybody's guess. there are fears the death toll could go much, much higher. arwa damon is live in cairo. terrible day in egypt, a sense of the country exploding. what is your take on what is happening here? >> reporter: you know, covering this throughout the day, watching the clashes beginning to spread and intensify across the capital, hearing the reports from clashes breaking out elsewhere, angry mobs of supporters of ousted president mohamed morsi even attacking churches, it felt as if one was beginning see the very edges of egyptian society fraying. people are so angry. there is so much anger that is out there. the security forces here not only having t
that when countries break international norms on weapons like chemical weapons that could threaten us, that they are held accountable. >> so it is just a matter of time and can this country afford to intervene in syria? we' and the jury giving the shooter death. nadal hassan looked at him in the eye and shot him seven times. >> might have strong woords of criticism for president obama. >>> and you heard lora dimaggio tell me this last night about hanna anderson. >> i remember very vividly telling my brother, she's trouble. she's going to -- she's -- i said you need to watch out for that one, she's trouble. >> it was an extraordinary encounter and tonight i want to ask star jones what she thought of that and much more, plus, mom versus miley. the blogger who warns her daughter let miley cyrus be a lesson to you. we'll find out what that lesson is later. >>> we'll begin with the big story, the deepening crisis in syria and what the white house tends to do about it. fred is live in damascus tonight, one of the only western reporters in syria. mounting tension in ssyria, and indeed, aroun
not call 911. call us, we're in the book under ridiculist. look us up. that does it for us. see you again at 11:00 tonight. another edition of 360. another edition of 360. piers morgan live starts now. -- captions by vitac -- www.vitac.com >>> this is percent morgis "pie" a super star's child in dangerer his son almost drowned today and he's in the hospital. it wasn't his fault. details on that. >>> an escaped python kills two sleeping children. how did it happen snn why did it happen? should these deadly snakes ever be let out of zoos? we'll ask experts. >>> a former gunman terp rises the courtroom. you won't believe what he said. is football ready for her. sarah thomas is hoping to be the first female official in the nfl. can she break the grass ceiling? see what i did there? sarah joins me live to give you the answer. let's get to the big story. r and b super star usher's new son rushed to the hospital in an almost drawning swimming pool incident. very potentially tragic incident here involving usher's son. to put it in contect, last year he lost his stepson in a jet ski accident soft
,000. >>> intercepted al qaeda communications sparked the closures of u.s. embassies. the code words in those communications pointed to a likely imminent attack. joining me now with much more is cnn national security analyst fred townson, barbara starr who broke the story. barbara, tell me what you discovered. >> well, piers, in talking to someone who has a very immediate understanding of what transpired, they told me that these messages, these intercepted al qaeda messages by the u.s. intelligence community contained essentially code words, which the intelligence community interpreted correctly, it appears, as being a coded message among al qaeda oftives for signaling a potentially imminent attack. it was those code words, piers, that sparked the warning to close some 22 embassies and consulates because the u.s. had direct -- direct sense, a direct knowledge that the code words pointed to imminent, an imminent attack. what they didn't have was a good understanding at the time of exactly where and when, therefore, they had to close all embassies in the areas of greatest concern and as we know
. dr. sanjay gupta fills us in and has a surprising revelation of his own. >>> we begin with breaking news on the massive manhunt for james dimaggo. accused of murdering a woman and kidnapping her two children. there was a car spotted in northern california. law enforcement officers from multiple agencies on the lookout for the vehicle. disturbing vehicle, the champed remains found inside the home of dimaggio are consistent of an 8-year-old boy, the same age of ethan. joining me is jane velez-mitchell . welcome to you jane. >> thank you. >> awful story, this. >> horrible. >> it would seem the logical assumption from what we're now learning is that possibly the mother, christine anderson and this 8-year-old boy ethan may have died in the fire at the house that belonged to dimaggio and he's on the loose somewhere with the daughter, hanna anderson, who is 16. >> yeah and there is breaking news. there were two possible sightings, one is discounted but piers, another possible sighting in oregon. a business owner saw a car that looked like the suspect vehicle. wrote down the license plate.
're learning now that prosecutors actually used these women's diaries to help them document all the different charges. according to these documents that the prosecutor's office released today, the women over the past ten years have got through their time and captivity by keeping these diaries by writing about the abuse they experienced, by writing about their dreams of getting out some day and seeing their families, writing about being locked in f could be seeing some physical evidence as well as photos. it is supposed to be pretty ugly tomorrow with some of the evidence that we could be seeing and very dramatic proceeding tomorrow. >> despite all of this, you spoke to his sister, who paints a very different picture of him and thinks the truth will come out. >> i did. we know now that castro is expected to speak in court tomorrow. that's according to his attorney and we are hearing from his sister he will be explaining his life and perhaps giving another side of the ariel castro that we know from all of the disturbing details we have learned about. we know that he could be making an apology.
-- awww.vitac.comac -- >>> right now time for "the ridiculist" tonight. that's it for us. i'll see you at 10:00. piers morgan starts now there is piers morgan live. welcome to the viewers around the united states and around the world. tonight crime and punishment. the monster speaks. ariel castro in court tomorrow after say thing four days ago. >> my addiction to pornography and my sexual problem has really taken a toll on my mind. >> could anything he says now make any difference? i'll talk to somebody close to a victim plus george zimmerman stopped by police with a gun. also, the latest on this arkansas escaped prisoner on the run. and o.j. simpson's courtroom victory. i'll talk to kim goldman. her brother was killed with o.j.'s ex-wife and the man in the criminal mind, he spent his life on the wrong side of the law and rev lauelations on the nsa program that can spy on everything you do online and i mean everything and the nixon you haven't seen until now. footage hidden for the last 40 years. tonight i'll talk to the other nixon, the 83-year-old brother ed. >>> i want to begin
. >> the biggest cash crop in the u.s. should it be legal? should it be taxed? is it a gateway drug that leads to addiction. >> without question, i think legalizing marijuana would be a huge mistake. >> taking you to the front lines of the battle, the beverly hills woman that said lighting up makes them better moms. >> i feel like i'm more interactive with my children. >> and i ask dr. sanjay gupta how dangerous is it really? >> every 19 minutes someone dies of prescription drug overdose but doesn't happen with marijuana. >> and what really happens inside a medical dispensary. >> the clinic is run like a typical health clinic. it's beautiful inside. >> this is the special report gone to pot, america's marijuana obsession. >>> good evening. the fight over pot grows, so does the use. recently washington d.c. opened the first medical marijuana dispensary, with other states that legalized it more medical uses. should it be a crime? we'll take a closer look tonight. >>> also, dr. sanjay gupta's startling one-year investigation on pot. what he found will astound you. it's part of the his special air
she's not saying tonight may use this as a stick to beat usher and get custody. >> i think she will. there are reports she did file for an emergency custody hearing, that she feels like the boys aren't being taken care of properly and wants to reverse that because he has primary custody. she has limited visitation now. >> thankfully, the tragedy was averted it would seem. thank you very much indeed. and your new perm, the oh pra perm. >> i did it for you. >> a shocking story out of canada. >>> two boys sleeping in a home killed by a python. the snake was said to be between 11 and 15 feet long. we have more on this horrific tragedy. this is a shocking story, isn't snit. >> it's a tragedy and such an odd occurrence and so many questions that need to be answered. >> what do we believe happened here? they were on a sleep over, just above this pet store. where was this snake and how did it get out? >> from what i read and the information that's out currently is the snake escaped it's enclosure, which was on the pet store in the first floor and made it's way up the air ducts and just the
. this is what president obama said a year ago. >> a red line for us is we start seeing a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around or being utilized. that would change my equation. >> administration says there is no doubt the assad government used chemical weapons on it's people. that's the red line crossed. what will president obama do and will the rest of the world support him? >>> unanswered questions about the kidnapping of hanna anderson and the murder of her brother and mother. lora dimaggio is speaking out for the first time. >>> plus yosemite in flames, the raging fire threatening san francisco's water supply. >>> you loved him and now cnn's inside man morgan spurlock is back going with the biggest band since the beetles, and i'll ask him about miley cyrus and her twerking. >>> cnn's fred is the only western reporter in damascus and he joins me on the phone. fred, what is the latest on the ground in damascus? is there a sense that a military attack from the united states and other u.n. countries could be coming at any moment? >> reporter: oh, it certainly is. there is a feeling a mil
his daughter's ordeal. >> no one should have to go through this. >> now, it's time for us to grieve and move on to the healing process. >> plus, like father like son. reports of james dimaggio's father once held a 16-year-old girl at gunpoint. a friend tells me about chilling parallels. a woman who was kidnapped when she was only nine, and now katie beers has a message for hannah anderson. >>>dy these things, no one did this to me, no one's to blame for this, but i am. a woman who will not hold back her opinion of anthony weiner. star jones joins me for round three. rescued hannah anderson, disturbing new revelations about the men police believed ab ducted her. joining me now is paul vercammen live in san diego. the story came do a soon to be gruesome end with the death of the number one suspect. what can you tell me about events from the moment we learned about it. >> well, we know there were these ranchers, two couples who came upon the couple of anderson. and, of course, hannah quite by accident. and they discovered them in the vast idaho wilderness, they looked way out of place.
maghtmares but they fear us more than we fear them? joining me is a wildlife biologist and host of abc's ocean mysteries. jeff, welcome to you. >> thanks so much, piers. delighted. >> my experience with a shark, i was doing a small dive in barbados in the caribbean and a hammer head shark about 10 feet long just patrolled past us, and it was utterly terrifying. that's my only experience, but it gave me an insight into the ocean, these creatures, the power, the size and the terrifying nature. was i right to feel scared? >> i think it's totally appropriate to be an guard because they are incredibly predatory fish, and there is a reason why we react to sharks. i think it's in our genes but i think what you said earlier is so true. sharks have far more to fear from us than we do them. if i was in the water with a large hammer head swimming about, i would be unnerved. to me what is amazing about these hammer head sharks is what you're looking at is this incredible design of evolution. basically thanks hammer of it's head is what it uses to pin down the target pray, which isn't a human being
players. the dodgers question his use of performance enhancing drugs. >> i'm sure there's been mistakes made along the way. we're here now. i'm a human being. i have had two hip surgeries, two knee surgeries, i'm fighting for my life. i have to defend myself, if i don't defend myself, no one else will. >>> also caught on tape, three teens brutally beat on a school bus. did the driver do enough to stop the vicious attack. looking at ariel castro's house of horrors in cleveland on wednesday. the bank that owns it will tear it down. what's next for the women he held captive for a decade. we'll talk to jaycee due guard's therapist. and how about this. a day of reckoning nor alex rodrigez for the yankees had a hit his first time up. with me, christine brennan. outside the stadium in chicago. jason carol. i'll begin with you, what is the mood down there, you had this big day where he's facing the suspension. there he is, marching out as a yankee. getting ahead very pleased for him. the guy is a cheat, isn't he? what is he doing there? >> you get a hit. you normally get cheered. that was not t
in american diplomacy in the region, which is there are no good guys available for us to back. the muslim brotherhood are the primary people responsible for those 30 churches that our correspondent just reported on. the muslim brotherhood has been remarkably and openly anti-christian. and the regime was so narrow and so hostile that about 70% of the people of israel, the people of egypt indicated they wanted to replace them. so let's start with that simple fact that you have a bad government under the muslim brotherhood. none of us are particularly happy with the military coup but for an american perspective, may be the least dangerous and the most positive thing that happened. >> the reason that president obama is using that word is he wants to protect his legal position in the sense that if he does say that, then america will be duty bound to withdraw its annual aid which goes predominantly straight to the generals who have seized control. this is a farce, isn't it? what happens if other countries now emboldened by what they have seen in egypt and by the reaction if their military rises
and just call us on "the ridiculist." that does it for us. piers morgan starts right now. >>> this is piers morgan live. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. tonight, i've always been struck by chris christie's candor. consider what he told me about gays. >> i think if someone is born that way, it's very difficult to say, then, that that's a sin. >> well, today he signed a new law making news jersey the second state to ban gay conversion therapy. it's been a busy day for the jersey man. i'll talk to that father and mother. they say christie hasn't gone far enough. >>> and the first official pictures of prince george. >>> also, the diana conspiracy theory. tina brown on the new claims that the military, maybe even the s.a.s., could have been involved in diana's death. >>> and the 12-year-old who was attacked twice by a bear. she's here for the interview. >>> and cuba gooding jr. and lenny kravitz in "the butler". >> get on out. >> i'm sorry. i didn't mean to make fun of your hero. >>> and battle over medical marijuana. chris christie decided to leave restrictions
remove, he kept in there. he did relieve the limit that we had so that helps us out a lot but the probably with the edibles is he's only allowing those for minors. he's not allowing adult patients to get edibles. he's going to force them to smoke it. the problem that we have with the edibles, we don't think with the few limited pediatric or minor patients that need the edibles, that any dispensary would have the incentive to create the edibles. i think we're right back to where we started with the passing of this bill. >> now megan, you and brian are very well versed in all things medical marijuana. it can clearly provide your daughter with a huge amount of help. we saw from sanjay gupta's documentary "weed," other benefits to young kids in particular. for those who don't know much about this and think that medical marijuana sounds scary, drug abuse, et cetera, explain directly now how it helps vivian or how you believe it could help her over the longer term. >> right. so the number one thing is we think it will help control her seizures either by reducing the frequency of
movement now on the ground. stop all movement on the ground. if it's not an emergency, please do not use the radio. if it's not an emergency, do not use the radio. >> are you talking to the shooter? that's what he's telling me to tell them onn the radio. >> okay. >> what did you want me to tell her, sir? >> okay. he told me put you on hold and call the news, ma'am. >> okay. >> what you want me the tell -- i'm trying to find the number for channel 2. want me to tell them to come? hello? >> yes, ma'am? yes, ma'am? >> he said tell them to back upright now. >> okay. hold on. >> okay. hello? >> ma'am? >> okay. he said to tell them to back off. he doesn't want the kids. he wants the police, so back off and what else, sir? he said he don't care if he die, and he don't have nothing to live for, and he said he's not mentally stable. >> okay. stay on the line with me. okay? put the phone down, if you have to, but don't hang it up so i can't hear. >> okay. >> can you tell me where you are? >> in the front office with him. >> okay. >> he said send in one of your radios with an unarmed officer. >> ok
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things from weapons' inspectors. they keep talking about the u.s. not having international mandate about the u.s. having to explain all of this to america and people around the world. you can just sense that there's a new nervousness here. it seems as though they're opening up and realizing the fact that it's not really a question of this any more it's a question of when. that's causing the talk at least among some the ones i've been talking, if mood has changed considerably here on the ground, pierce. >> cnn has obtained this exclusive video from a direct hit from an alleged chemical weapons attack. i'll warn some of the viewers it's graphic and disturbing. tell us the latest mood, i guess that we'll pant to sense is what is president assad's reaction going to be likely to any strike that comes? >> that's a good question. probably doubtful that there will be any reaction at all but a lot will depend on what sort of military action is taken. if it's limited i doubt there would be any reaction at all. i was here in the city when the israeli struck a big weapons depot of the syrian militar
the last laugh? that does it for us. we'll see you again one hour from now at 10:00 p.m. eastern. "piers morgan live" starts now. >>> welcome to our viewers around the united states and the world. into the wild, did an arizona teenager go missing because of this hollywood movie? >> you have to get back in the world, get out of the house, that lonely workshop of yours. get back out on the road. really. you're going to live a long time, ron, you should make a radical change in your lifestyle. >> jonathan hasn't been heard from since last week. his car, i.d. and cash all abandoned. serene acting a 2007 movie? and are other teens doing the same thing? i'll talk exclusively to his worried father. also, reading, writing and rifles, can we protect america's students? i'll talk to two men who say a firm yes. inside the criminal mind. his mental health and violent video games in particular, are important when it comes to reducing crime. >>> why the co-founder of apple is giving a bad review to the first steve jobs movie. >> it had steve jobs mannerisms but it didn't have his thinking and his thou
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